About Us

» Group Introduction

  Yongan Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the most professional vibratory hammer manufacturers in China. It was established in 1986. After 27 years of development, our products take up to 70% of the whole China market. It becomes the leading company in pile hammer industry.

» Company Description
  • Detailed Information
    1. Yongan Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986 with a registered capital of 500,000.00RMB, and upgraded in the second generation in 2001 with a registered capital of 10 million RMB. In 2010, Yongan machinery established another manufacture plant in Fuding, Fujiang province; in 2011, Shanghai Yongan Machinery Co., Ltd. is established, especially dealing with the oversea marketing. Our company ceaselessly devotes itself to technology innovation as well as research and development of our products. With strong technical strength, we constantly innovate our products. We produce traditional DZ and DZJ series electric hammer and excavator mounted hammer. The hydraulic vibratory hammer and hydraulic impact hammer are winning great success both in China and overseas market. Our YZ-300 vibratory hammer won the biggest hydraulic hammer made in China name, and our impact hammer YZ-35 with a 35 ton ram weight also won the biggest hydraulic impact hammer in current China market.
  • Purpose
    1. Market-oriented, our company all along regards “creating customer value” as its final target, serving and satisfying our customers in its utmost. Motivated by innovation, our company owns mature and leading technical expertise. With a global selling view, we focus our attention on brand operation and do our utmost to provide our customers with safe, reliable, professional and efficient piling equipment.
  • Accomplishments
    1. Vibratory hammers produced by Yong'an Machinery Co., Ltd. are sold widely in China and are widely used in the infrastructure construction of more than 300 large-scale bridges, such as Hangzhou Bay Sea-Crossing Bridge, Xiamen Jimei Bridge, Qingdao Bay Bridge, Nanjing Dashengguan Yangtze River Bridge, Qianjiang Nine Bridges, Xiazhang Sea-Crossing Bridge, Inner Mongolia Baotou Yellow River Bridge, Ningbo Jingtang Bridge and so on.
  • Selling Areas
    1. Our products are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, CIS countries, North America, Africa, Middle East , Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Chile , Brazil ,Ecuador, Iran, UAE, etc.
  • Branch Offices
    1. The company has already set up offices in provinces like Guangdong and Heilongjiang, to name a few, so as to provide our customers around the country with convenient service. The company is going to further expand its scale and set up more offices to satisfy its customers' need to a greater degree.
  • Fujian Production Base
    1. Our company is certificated by ISO9001 Qualification Management System. Fujian New Yong'an Machinery Co., Ltd. covers an area of more than 13, 500 square meters, with a plant of more than 4, 500 square meters and a R&D center of more than 4, 000 square meters. We own modern high-end producing line with a CNC center, and our top technology together with mature management system keep us moving forward stably to become a world-class machinery manufacturer and to make products made in China sold globally.
» Products Details
  • 1. Main Products
    1. Yong'an Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces hydraulic vibratory hammers, hydraulic impact hammers, excavator mounted vibratory hammers and electric vibratory hammers.
  • 2. Applications
    1. a. Electric Hammer
      Electric hammer is used to drive steel sheet pile, steel casing pile, wind mill single pile and group piles. It also can be used to drive pre-made concrete pile with a custom clamp. The stable quality and strong structure enable the piling equipment to work under rough condition and ensure a longer life.
    2. b.Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer
      Hydraulic vibratory hammer has almost the same application as electric hammer, but it has a stronger power pack and lighter weight. It is very efficient and professional equipment used to drive and extract steel sheet pile, steel pipe, batter pile and pre-casted piles with a customized clamp. It can be used for both on-shore and off-shore jobsite.
    3. c.Hydraulic Impact Hammer
      Hydraulic impact hammer is a prominent energy transferring equipment with high blow rate and precise ram stroke, it is simply designed but with very reliable performance, this type of equipment is widely use to drive concrete piles(round, square or octagonal shape), steel casing pile, H beam, or special designed steel pipes with shackles. It can be worked with excavator or crawler crane with a certain modification of the hydraulic system.
    4. d.Excavator Mounted Hammer
      Excavator mounted hammer is a simple equipment attached with excavator, using the hydraulic power from the excavator itself. It can drive limited length of sheet piles efficiently(normally under 12m). It also can be used to drive pre-casted concrete pile, square or round shape concrete piles, small or big steel pipe with a customized clamp.
  • 3. Features
    1. Hydraulic vibratory hammers, hydraulic impact hammers, excavator mounted vibratory hammers, and electric vibratory hammers can all be operated both on land and on the sea. Meanwhile, they can be used together with caterpillar plane.
  • 4. Certificates and Honors
    1. Our vibratory hammers are certificated by UC and ISO9001. Our company is also certificated by UC and ISO9001 quality management system, meanwhile our company is among the top 10 famous brands in pile driver, and is chosen as China Quality Products and awarded Utility Model Patent Certificate.
  • 5. Production Capacity
    1. Annual capacity of 30 hydraulic hammers, 30 hydraulic impact hammers, 50 excavator mounted vibratory hammer and 200 electric vibratory hammers.
  • 6. International Market
    1. Our products mainly export to Southeast Asian, CIS countries, North American, African, Middle east market; countries like Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Chile , Brazil ,Ecuador, Iran, UAE, etc.
  • 7. Delivery Time
    1. Delivery time varies if different kinds of vibratory hammers are ordered. No matter at home or broad, hydraulic vibratory hammers will be delivered within 75 days; hydraulic impact hammers will be delivered within 45 days; excavator mounted vibratory hammers and electric vibratory hammers will both be delivered within 20 days.
» Advantages of Yong'an Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yong'an series vibratory hammers are well received and highly spoken of by its customers for its good performance, durable service life, quick delivery, and good after-sale service.

  • 1. Research & Development Force
    1. Yong'an Machinery Co., Ltd. has accumulated considerable experience in its producing practice. With our specialized research and development team, we can provide our customers with a comprehensive service from piling construction scheme to operation of after-sale products.
  • 2. Certificates
    1. Our products are certificated by CE and ISO9001 quality management system.
  • 3. Quality Control
    1. In order to better serve our customers, we exercise strict control over raw material and quality of our products. We conduct outsourcing regulation, sampling inspection and tests alike during the whole producing procedure. And that is why, we are certificated by both CE and ISO9001 quality management system in such a short period.
  • 4. Cost Savings
    1. Presently, we own two factory sites respectively in Fuding and Wenzhou. Both the factories are located in concentration region of raw material and accessory production for engineering industry, therefore we have established persistent and stable cooperative relationship with accessory and raw material suppliers. Besides, the two sites enjoy convenient transportation and sufficient human resources. The listed advantages above enable us to shorten our delivery time and guarantee the quality of our products.
  • 5. Environmental Protection
    1. Under the guidance of ecological environmental protection concept, the products and the productive process of Yong'an Machinery Co., Ltd. is environmental friendly.
  • 6. OEM
    1. We are very delighted to providie OEM service for customers.
  • 7. Pre-sale Service
    1. To those customers who would like to buy our products, Yong'an Machinery Co., Ltd. will appropriately offer our suggestion on piling scheme and pile hammer model, in accordance with customers' construction situation. And this service is of no charge.
  • 8. On-Purchase Service
    1. If quick wear parts are needed by our customers, they can order those parts directly from our company. Salesmen will inform customers of the production status at regular intervals. Should anything happens, the salesmen will notify customers immediately and ask for their opinion.
  • 9. After-Sale Service
    1. Excavator mounted vibratory hammers have a quality guarantee period of 6 months, while hydraulic vibratory hammers, hydraulic impact hammers and electric vibratory hammers of 12 months. Within the said quality guarantee period, the renewal of components is free, except for easy-wear parts and the damage caused by misuse.
  • 10. Other Services
    1. We offer designing, custom-tailoring, installing and training service as well.