Project Achievements

» DZJ-400Tandem Vibratory Hammer Used in Ma'an shan Bridge
Yongan DZJ-400 tandem vibratory hammer is successfully used in Maanshan Yangtze River Bridge MQ-3 section. This section includes North Tower and Approach Bridge over the river bank. The north tower foundation uses 54 bore-hole poured piles 2.5meters long. These piles are 76meters long and their bottom elevation is 75 meters high underwater. The pile bottom load-bearing stratum is slightly weathering sandstone layer. The pile cap is bending rectangle, the plan dimensation is 69.6M*32.1M, the thickness is 6M...
» DZJ-480Tandem Vibratory Hammer Successfully Used in Jiashao Bridge
Jiashao Bridge is another Cross-Hangzhou Bay bridge after Hangzhou Bay Bridge. The two bridges, together with Qiantang River tunnel, constitute “One Bay Three Bridges”. According to the national approved scheme, the entire Jiashao Bridge and highway connection will cost at least 13.9 billion, of which 6.35 billion will be used in the bridge. It is expected to be open to traffic in 2012. This is the historically largest infrastructure construction in Shaoxing City. And after the bridge is completed...
» MBEC Purchases Yong'an Vibro Hammer
The first half of 2013 MBEC open tender of mechanical equipment has been completed recently. Yong’an Machinery won the bid. Yong’an will provide MBEC with electric vibratory hammers—DZJ-120 and DZJ-240—and hydraulic vibratory hammer—YZ-230. We firmly believe that Yong’an hydraulic vibratory hammer will have a broader and favorable market prospect in 2013.
» Vibratory Hammers Successfully Used in Xiamen Jimei Bridge
Xiamen Jimei Bridge is currently one of the widest bridge in Xiamen city. In addition, it, situated on the north of Xiamen, is the third bridge after Xiamen Bridge and Xinlin Bridge. In this bridge construction, Yong’an vibratory hammer is successfully applied. The bridge is built by SNEB and South China Road and Bridge (the fifth branch of China Railway Bridge Bureau). Yongan Company mainly provides the construction units with three models of 11 vibratory hammers including DZ-90, DZJ-135 and DZJ-150...
» Yong'an Machinery: Vibratory Hammer Supplier for Hangzhou Bay Bridge
Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the longest sea-crossing bridge and also a convenient way across the Hangzhou Bay. The bridge is 36kms long extending from Jiaxing haiyan Zheng Gudai on the north to Ningbo Cixi water bay. After the completion of the bridge, the distance between Ningbo and Shanghai will be shortened about 120 kilometers. The bridge is of two-way six lanes highway design and can support car speed of 100km/h. And with a total investment of RMB12.8 billion, it is expected to be used for 100 years. The construction of this bridge exerts far-reaching influence ...
» Yong'an Vibratory Hammer in Yong- Tai-Wen Highway Project of Wenzhou Section
Yong-Tai-Wen highway of Wenzhou section is a crucial component in national highway network and city expressway main skeleton. This expressway is the longest with largest investment expressway project in Wenzhou during the 12th Five-year Plan. It has a total length of 135.69kms and is expected to carry cars of 100kms/hour. The whole project is expected to invest RMB 34.574billion and be completed within ...
» Yong'an Vibratory Pile Hammer Applied in the Pile Foundation Construction of Qingdao Bay Bridge
Qingdao Bay Bridge is 35.4kms long which begins from Yang Jiaqun entrance, passing Jiaozhou Bay waters, to Huangdao Red Cliff. The bridge is designed to be used for 100 years. It is an important part of city's development....
» Yongan Vibratory Hammer in Nanjing Dasheng Pass Yangtze River Bridge
Nanjing Dasheng Pass Yangtze River Bridge project is located at Dasheng Pass bridge site 20kms away from the upper stream of Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. And 1.55kms downstream of this bridge is the third Nangjing Yangtze River Bridge. With a length of 9273.237 meters, the bridge is built from north to south. And the total length of co-construction area is up to 3674meters. Yongan vibratory hammer is adopted to handle various pile foundations for approach bridges...
» SYongan Vibratory Hammer Successfully Used in Changsha Fuyuan Road Xiang River Bridge
On August 25, at 10:58a.m., Wen-Ta Lee, the party secretary and general manager of Changsha City Construction Investment and Development Co,Ltd., announced the beginning of the construction of Changsha Fuyuan Road Xiang River Bridge...
» Yongan Vibratory Hammer Successfully Used in Changsha Fuyuan Road Xiang River Bridge
This remarkable bridge began on December 26, 2007 and is currently under construction. And it is expected to be open to traffic at the end of 2011. The whole project was undertaken by CCCC Second Department, SNEB, China Railway Bridge Bureau, Jiangsu Jiaogong Group, etc. During this project, Yong'an Machinery provides these contract units with 9 sets of vibratory hammers of various types including DZ-45, DZ-60, DZ-90, DZ-120, DZJ-150, DZJ-180, and DZJ-300. This is very important for the whole project...
» YZ-130 Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer in Ganzhou Construction
Project: Ganzhou (Jiangxi Province) Real Estate Project
Vibratory hammer model: YZ-130
Pile driving depth: 13m
Dia of pipe: 1.2m/ 1.5m/1.8
Soil condition: Sandy
Drive time: 3 to 5 minutes per pile
» YZ-130 Vibratory Hammer in Real Estate Steel Casing Piling
Project: Real estate steel casing piling
Builder: Feima Industry
Condition: Steel casing diameter 1800mm, driving depth 20 meters
Soil: Silty sandy soil
» YZ-180 Vibratory Hammer in Zhangjiagang Port Free Tax Zone Reconstruction Project
Project: Zhangjiagang port free tax zone reconstruction project
Builder: China communications 2nd. Navigational bureau 3RD engineering Co., Ltd.
Condition: Steel casing diameter 1000mm, driving depth 18-25 meters.
Soil: Silty clay and lime rock.
» YZ-230 Vibratory Hammer in HK-Zhu-Macuo Bridge Project
Project: HK-Zhu-Macuo Bridge Project
Builder: China communications 2nd. Navigational bureau 2nd engineering Co., Ltd.
Condition: Steel casing diameter 2300mm, driving depth 28 meters.
Soil: Silty clay and weakly whetheared rock.