Yong'an Machinery: Vibratory Hammer Supplier for Hangzhou Bay Bridge

Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the longest sea-crossing bridge and also a convenient way across the Hangzhou Bay. The bridge is 36kms long extending from Jiaxing haiyan Zheng Gudai on the north to Ningbo Cixi water bay. After the completion of the bridge, the distance between Ningbo and Shanghai will be shortened about 120 kilometers. The bridge is of two-way six lanes highway design and can support car speed of 100km/h. And with a total investment of RMB12.8 billion, it is expected to be used for 100 years. The construction of this bridge exerts far-reaching influence in promoting economic and social development of Zhejiang Province, Ningbo City and Ynagtze River delta area.

Yong'an actively takes part in the bridge construction by providing professional vibratory pile drivers for CTCE first division and second division in Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Cixi trestle platform and the pile-driving and pile-drawing of China Railway 19th Bureau.

» Construction Condition
  • 1. Construction Environment
    1. Hangzhou bay is wide and is a typical oceanic climate with lots of typhoons, large tidal range and turbulent flow. Thus, the effective working days are less.
    2. nThe soil here is thick and deep, which brings about a series of problems to the design and construction.
    3. The intertidal zone on the south bank is too long and intricate. Thus, normal design scheme and construction scheme will fail to meet the demands.
    4. Environmental erosion here is serious.
    5. It is really dangerous to work in south intertidal zone where it is rich in shallow gas.
  • 2. Construction Difficulties
    1. Large-scale and great work amount. The whole bridge is 36kms long, of which sea part takes up 32kms. The construction of this bridge is huge, which uses 2,450,000 cubic meters of concrete, 820,000ton of various steels, and 5,513 steel casing piles with 3,550 drilled piles, 1,272 cushion caps and 1,428 pier shafts.
» Yong'an vibratory hammer gives its full play in this kind of construction as follows:

Yong'an vibratory hammer, characteristic of strong infuse power, sturdiness and stability, and flexibility, successfully overcomes all the difficulties mentioned above. It acts an indispensable role in driving concrete piles, steel casing piles and drilled piles needed in Hangzhou Bay Bridge construction. Meantime, the perfect and quality service is the key for our company to stand out from so many competitors and win good popularity and reputation. All this contributes to our company being the supplier of professional pile hammers.

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