Yongan Vibratory Hammer Successfully Used in Changsha Fuyuan Road Xiang River Bridge

 Yongan Vibratory Hammer Successfully Used in Taizhou Changjiang Highway Bridge

This remarkable bridge began on December 26, 2007 and is currently under construction. And it is expected to be open to traffic at the end of 2011. The whole project was undertaken by CCCC Second Department, SNEB, China Railway Bridge Bureau, Jiangsu Jiaogong Group, etc. During this project, Yong'an Machinery provides these contract units with 9 sets of vibratory hammers of various types including DZ-45, DZ-60, DZ-90, DZ-120, DZJ-150, DZJ-180, and DZJ-300. This is very important for the whole project.

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Taizhou Changjiang Highway Bridge is another super-large span bridge after Jiniagyin Bridge and Runyang Bridge in Jiangsu Province. The highway bridge is the first to employ 2×1080 meters three towers double spans suspension bridge in the world. And the whole length of the bridge is 62.088kms with a total investment of RMB 9.37 billion. It is expected to be completed within five years and a half.

Yongan Machinery is a rather professional corporation that designs and manufactures diverse vibratory hammers ranging from DZ to DZJ. To ensure quality, the company adopts a series of supervising methods. Thus, all products have been certified by UC and ISO9001.

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