» Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer
Vibrator is an essential part and the main body of hydraulic vibratory hammer. It works in combination with power pack and clamps to finish piling. When used in pile frame, vibrator can drive cast-in-place concrete pile, lime pile, sand pile. And if equipped with hydraulic holder (hydraulic clamps) it will be able to drive and pull steel pipe pile, steel sheet pile, joist steel pile and concrete precast pile. It is the ideal pile driver for residence, factories, subways, highway, docks, airports and power plants. Meanwhile, vibrator can also be working underwater...
  1. Vibratory Hammer
  2. Power Pack
  3. Clamps
» Hydraulic Impact Hammer
Hydraulic impact hammer is hammer construction equipment, which is widely used in construction of prefabricating pipe pile foundation, large-scale sea-crossing concrete pile bridge and ferry pier. Hydraulic pile hammer is composed of hammer part and power pack. A whole set includes three parts: mechanical system, hydraulic system and electric system. Hydraulic impact hammer has other names, such as pile driver, hydraulic hammer, diesel hammer, impact hammer and pile hammer...
  1. Impact Hammer
  2. Power Pack
» Excavator Mounted Vibratory Hammer
Yong'an excavator mounted vibratory hammer, installed on the excavator's original oil system, can drive piles with its power source. When used with excavator, this pile driver can be very flexible and fast, and can do many tasks at the same time. Besides, the frequency of our excavator mounted vibratory hammer is ss2400 rpm with centrifugal force of 33~60t for option. This helps penetrate through soil instantly. And if assisted by excavator upper arm force, this hammer can succeed in driving all kinds of sheet piles and square piles...
» Electric Vibratory Hammer
Electric vibratory hammer is designed with resonance theory. Electric motor provides energy for vibrating hammer. And electromotor serves as its key component. This electric vibrating hammer is ideal equipment for various foundation engineering construction and ground treatment, such as the construction of dwelling houses, workshops, metros, highway, quays, airports and power stations, etc. When used in pile frame, this electric vibrating hammer can drive cast-in-place concrete pile, lime pile...
  1. Small Electric Vibratory Hammer
  2. Medium Electric Vibratory Hammer
  3. Large Electric Vibratory Hammer
  4. Tandem Vibratory Hammer
  5. Clamps