Power Pack

» Description

YONGAN power pack is manufactured to optimize the hydraulic pressure for a constant stability of the job performance on high efficiency of operation with YONGAN piling equipment. It is made by our high-tech CNC operated machinery. Open loop hydraulic system ensures easy assembly and maintenance. Equipped with high quality hydraulic pump and top brand engine, maximum efficiency and reliability is ensured. The power unit is using sound proof frame with heavy steel enclosure, noise levels are significantly reduced for a friendly operation environment. High cooling capacity of hydraulic system provides a stable hydraulic system and together with oversized radiator ensures no overheating problems. Hose power varies from 120P to 1320P for wide selection of YONGAN vibro hammer or impact hammer range.

» Classification

    Yong'an series hydraulic vibratory hammer employs mainly the following power pack: 400V, 600V, 700V, 1000V, and 1200V power pack.

1. 400V Power Pack PDF Download

With 350 operation pressure, 400V power unit is capable of a frequency of 2200 and oil-flowing 400L per minute. The weight is 5800 kg and its motor power is 261/350 kw/hp.

Technical Parameters of 400V Power Pack
Engine Caterpillar C9
Maximum Power (KW/HP) 261/350
Maximum Frequency (rpm) 2200
Working Pressure (bar) 350
Maximum Oil Flow (L/min) 400
Weight (kg) 5800
Size L*W*H (mm) 4000*1600*2000

2. 600V Power Pack PDF Download

As showed following, 600V power pack have a frequency of 2100 per minute. It is weighing 7800 kg with 350 bar operation pressure. Besides, it can flow 610L oil in a minute. And its engine power can be up to 403/548 kw/hp.

Technical Parameters of 600V Power Pack
Engine Caterpillar C15
Maximum Power (KW/HP) 403/548
Maximum Frequency (rpm) 2100
Working Pressure (bar) 350
Maximum Oil Flow (L/min) 610
Weight (kg) 7800
Size L*W*H (mm) 4350*1800*2250

3. 700V Power Pack PDF Download

This power pack shares many similarities with the 600V power pack except the engine power. 700V power unit's engine power is 444/595 kw/hp.

Technical Parameters of 700V Power Pack
Engine Caterpillar C15
Maximum Power (KW/HP) 444/595
Maximum Frequency (rpm) 2100
Working Pressure (bar) 350
Maximum Oil Flow (L/min) 680
Weight (kg) 7800
Size L*W*H (mm) 4350*1800*2250

4. 1000V Power Pack PDF Download

Such power pack can afford oil flow of 1150L/min, working pressure of 350 bar and maximum frequency of 2100 rmp. Besides, this machine is 12500 kg with motor power of 571/777 kw/hp.

Technical Parameters of 1000V Power Pack
Engine Caterpillar C18
Maximum Power (KW/HP) 585/796
Maximum Frequency (rpm) 2100
Working Pressure (bar) 350
Maximum Oil Flow (L/min) 1150
Weight (kg) 12500
Size L*W*H (mm) 6000*1800*2500

5. 1200V Power Pack PDF Download

1200V power unit weighs 15000 kg and has 350 bar operating pressure. It have a frequency of 2100 rmp at most. And the power turns to be 970/1320 kw/hp, while the maximum flow is 1150 L/min.

Technical Parameters of 1200V Power Pack
Engine Caterpillar C15*2
Maximum Power (KW/HP) 970/1320
Maximum Frequency (rpm) 2100
Working Pressure (bar) 350
Maximum Oil Flow (L/min) 1150
Weight (kg) 15000
Size L*W*H (mm) 6000*1800*2500
» Advantages
    1. 1. Powerful Diesel Engine
      Yongan hammer is equipped with Caterpillar or Cummins engine which generates greater productivity by higher horse power and torque ratings.
    2. 2.Rexroth Hydraulic Pump
      Yongan choose Rexroth hydraulic pump to obtain a great performance. We offer both fixed and variable displacement pump accordingly to customer’s requirement.
    3. 3. Cooling System
      Oversized radiator is used in yongan power pack ensures the power pack can work from -30° up to 50°
    4. 4. Reliable Filtration
      Famous brand of filters are used to guarantee a long lasting efficiencies against contaminated oils and large amount of dust. It ensures filtration system for hydraulic and engine fuel system.
    5. 5.Manifold Block Utilize
      Build-in manifold block is used for easy system control and supply accurate system flow and pressure to the machine.
    6. 6.Simple Design of Control Panel
      The power pack control panel is designed according to the easy operation principle and people’s using habit. We are using indication gauge to showing electrical and hydraulic system.
    7. 7.Remote Control
      Remote control with the main functions as emergency stop, engine speed adjust, clamp on/off, vibro operation. It ensures operator control piling or extracting in a long distance from piling area.
» Maintenance
    1. 1. Renew hydraulic oil on a regular basis.
    2. 2. Check up on sealing element of the power pack. Tight overlay is needed on the fuel tank in case of the entrance of water or any other sundries into the tank.
    3. 3. Special attention shall be paid to the sealing check of the oil suction of the oil pump to keep air out.

Yong'an Machinery Co., Ltd. focuses on the researching and developing, producing, selling and leasing of Yong'an series vibratory hammer. It has been recognized by customers from domestic and overseas market.All products are reputated for the good performance, high quality and long service life. The power pack we adopt in our products is also of incomparable advantages which ensures the quality of Yong'an series vibratory hammer.