Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer

Vibratory hammer is an essential part and the main body of hydraulic vibratory hammer for foundation construction. It works in combination with power pack and clamps to finish piling. When used in pile frame, hydraulic vibratory hammer can drive cast-in-place concrete pile, lime pile and sand pile. And if equipped with hydraulic holder (hydraulic clamps), it will be able to drive and extract steel casing pile, steel sheet pile, joist steel pile and concrete precast pile. It is the ideal pile driver for residence, factories, subways, highway, docks, airports and power plants. Meanwhile, hydraulic vibratory hammer...
YONGAN power pack is manufactured to optimize the hydraulic pressure for a constant stability of the job performance on high efficiency of operation with YONGAN piling equipment. It is made by our high-tech CNC operated machinery. Open loop hydraulic system ensures easy assembly and maintenance. Equipped with high quality hydraulic pump and top brand engine, maximum efficiency and reliability is ensured. The power unit is using sound proof frame with heavy steel enclosure, noise levels are significantly reduced for a friendly operation environment. High cooling capacity of hydraulic system provides a stable hydraulic system and together with oversized radiator ensures no overheating problems. Hose power varies from 120P to 1320P for wide selection of YONGAN vibro hammer or impact hammer range.
» Clamps
Clamps are corollary equipment used with vibratory hammer in the foundation construction. They can be applied to drive and pull pipe pile, steel sheet pile and H beam, together with precast pile construction. Clamps can be divided by the number of vibratory hammer into three types-standard clamp, double clamp and caisson clamp. All of them are made up of hammer, cylinder, caisson beam and grasping plate...
  1. Standard Single Clamps
  2. Double Clamps
  3. Caisson Clamps
» Description

Yong'an series hydraulic vibratory hammer conducts pile driving or pulling by transferring the enormous energy from pile driver to pile and soil. It is composed of hammer, clamp and power pack. Hydraulic vibratory hammer has other names such as vibrating pile driver, vibratory hammer and hydraulic pile hammer.

» Usages
    1. Operated on the pile frame, hydraulic vibratory hammer can be used to drive cast-in-place concrete pile, lime pile and sand pile as well.
    2. Operated together with hydraulic clamp, it is able to drive or extract all kinds of steel piles, like steel casing pile, steel sheet pile and joist steel pile, as well as precast concrete pile.
    3. Hydraulic vibratory hammer is the ideal pile driver for all types of foundation constructions, such as dwelling, plant, subway, expressway, dock, airport and power station.
    4. It can conduct underwater operation as well.
» Application
1. Pre-Made Concrete Pile
With custom designed concrete clamp, hydraulic vibratory hammer can be used for various types of pre-made concrete piles, cast-in-place concrete pile, concrete expanded bore pile, lime pile and stone column pile.
2. Cofferdam
Vibrating pile driver is used to drive sheet pile to build the coffer wall. It is high efficiency to drive and pull sheet piles.
3. Trestle Work and Offshore Working Platform
It can drive sheet pile or casing pile to build working passage and platform before build bridge, dork, port, etc. It is easy to build and easy to remove.
4. Offshore Wind Mill Single Pile and Group Pile
Hydraulic vibratory hammer is efficient to drive casing pile into the sea, environmentally friendly and easy to adjust.
» Features
    1. 1. Yong'an hydraulic vibratory hammer makes little noise.
    2. 2. It has compact structure, small and tight, yet it is enormously powerful in driving pile.
    3. 3.Vibrating pile driver is suitable for constructing in central places of the city.
    4. 4. It can be operated under water.
» Advantages
    1. Yong'an Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional company with a history of 27 years; therefore it has accumulated abundant pre-sale and after-sale experience. We can accurately suggest to our customers suitable pile driver and help them with their hard-to-solve problems during construction.
    2. In the making of Yong'an series hydraulic vibratory hammer, the company imported a lot of advanced devices such as Caterpillar engine from America, FAG bearing from Germany, hydraulic pump from South Korea, chassis from Kawasaki, etc.
    3. Our products have the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System. Both our products and service are guaranteed.
» Care and Maintenance of Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer
  • 1. Daily Maintenance
    1. The following instructions are for routine use.
    2. A: Check the hammer for abnormality every day before and after the starting, and during the whole operation process.
    3. B: Follow the procedures below before conduting hydraulic vibratory hammer:
      1. a. Check up on all the bolts and screws to see if any of them needs tightening.
      2. b. See if the oil level of the vibrator is up to the mustard. If not, add oil to the required level. Oil level shall be kept above the middle height of the volume meter. If oil is emulsion like, or it turns to black, change the oil immediately.
      3. c. Check through visual inspection if all the hosepipes are intact and undamaged in case they fall off during operation. At the same time, make sure all parts are closely connected, especially the separation connector for emergency.
      4. d. Once damages are found on the first steel layer of hosepipe, the pipe shall be replaced.
      5. e. Check via visual inspection if anything goes wrong with the protective elastomer on the all the bolts that are fetched away or cracked.
      6. f. Conduct visual inspection to see if there are cracked metal parts.
    4. C: After Starting Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer
      1. a. Check up on hydraulic hoses to see whether they is leakage and make sure the connecting part of hoses is not twined.
      2. b. Check up on hydraulic tube nest and its accessories to see whether there is a leak or not.
    5. D: During Operation Process
      1. a. Notice whether hydraulic vibratory hammer squeaks in operation. If it does, please pause immediately to check the screw connections and retighten them if necessary.
      2. b. Problems of gear parts are also likely to cause squeaks.
      3. c. Special attention shall be paid to the working condition of all the hoses of hydraulic vibratory hammer. Severe bending or poignant curve of hoses is prohibited.
  • 2. Weekly Maintenance of Vibrating Pile Driver
    1. A: Tighten all the bolts and hydraulic tong. Flashlight or other lighting equipment helps obtain a better twisting force. Stable tensile force shall be kept on the hand shank to obtain the said twisting force.
    2. B: Check up on the ventilation holes on both sides of the hammer. Use diesel to clean them if necessary.
  • 3. Monthly Maintenance
    1. A: Examine whether pressure grease pump functions by removing the plug or hose on the pressure side of pressure grease pump.
    2. B: Examine the time dial on the engine to see if it is time for check-up and maintenance.
    3. C: Examine if the pump functions normally.
  • 4. Yearly Maintenance
    1. A: Get the hydraulic pressure and hydraulic flow of hydraulic vibratory hammer examined periodically by local specialized service center. If necessary, renew it forthwith. For standard information on hydraulic pressure, see section 5.7.
    2. B: Replace the pressure grease pump on the vibrator.
    3. C: The entire hydraulic system shall be tested by ICE service staff.
» Notice in Choosing Products

Please choose the right hydraulic vibratory hammer according to the line pull of the products. We offer both standard and customized clamps.

» Type of Payment

Of the total sum, 30 % shall be paid once the contract is signed, and the rest shall be paid off before delivery.

» Packaging and Shipping

Hydraulic vibratory hammer will be wrapped by membrane, or will be packaged by wooden box in accordance with customers' demand.

Yong'an Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading professional firm in manufacturing vibratory hammers. Its products are widely accepted and well spoken of by its customers for good performance, long service life and good after-sale service. One of the major products of Yong'an is hydraulic vibratory hammer. Such hammer conducts pile driving or pulling by transferring the enormous energy from pile driver to pile and soil and is the ideal pile driver for all types of foundation construction such as the construction of house, plant, subway, expressway, dock, airport, power station, etc. It can conduct underwater operation as well.