» Introduction

Clamp for electric vibratory hammer is employed with vibratory hammer in foundation constructions. According to the number of clamp head, this pile clamp can be divided into three models including single clamp, double clamp and X clamp. This clamp works very well in driving and pulling special casing piles, steel sheet piles and H beam piles. Besides, this pile clip can clamp precast piles as well.

» Features
1. The hydraulic piling hammer clamp creates clamp force to grip piles by way of cylinder driving caisson beam.
2. Clamping force can be adjustable with the change of working pressure (oil pressure).
3. A replenishment of oil by hydraulic control device will be able to ensure a stability of clamp strength during operation.
4. Appropriate hydraulic piling clamp should be selected according to the pile structure.
» Operation and Cautions
1. Operation
1) Switch on the power and start “Loose” button to maximize the distance of clamp jaws.
2) The hydraulic piling clamp should be placed at the right site after the pile is hung. Then activate “Tighten” button to clip the pile.
3) Then, activate vibratory hammer after the pile is clipped tightly.
4) During the operation of vibro-hammer, operators should punctually replenish pressure for the pile clamp cylinder on the basis of actual need.
5) This hydraulic piling clamp will not loose its gripping jaw until the vibration hammer stops working.
2. Cautions
1) Select appropriate hydraulic piling clamp in accordance with practical situation.
2) YB-N46 anti- wear oil should be first choice on any occasion.
3) Generally, hydraulic oil should be changed every 200 hours. However, if any deterioration or pollution is found, please make a replaconcrete without delay.
4) The oil in the tank should be kept clean all the time. Make sure that the oil filling port is lidded to keep from dust, sand and water.
5) Be sure that the oil pipe is aired before it is linked to hydraulic piling clamp.
6) This clip machine should not be loosened for fear of accidents during the working of vibratory hammer.
7) Extra protection should be given to cable and pipeline to avoid being crashed.
8) The cylinder pressure of this hydraulic piling clamp has been debugged. Thus, operators are expected not to make any variation casually. If necessary, please have it changed by personnel acquainted with it and hydraulic principle.
» Care and Maintenance
1. Hydraulic Oil
This hydraulic pile clamp only accepts YB-N46 anti-wear hydraulic oil. Any oil with water, fatlute and mechanical impurities is forbidden to use. In addition, please remember to clean hydraulic system on schedule and filter new oil before refilling.
2. Hydraulic Pump
Hydraulic pump is the power element of the whole hydraulic piling clamp system. It should be dismantled or washed at clear place and remember not to damage any piece of component. Besides, accessories washed by gas should be washed again by diesel before assemblymen. Do not forget to smear engine oil at every joint and friction surface.
3. Heavy-Duty Hose
It is used to link hydraulic cabinet and oil cylinder. This hose in the pile clamp should be well protected from bending when it is in service or being transferred. Moreover, the quick coupling should be clean.
4. Pressure Gage
The pressure gage of pile clamp is employed to monitor the working pressure. Through the pressure reflected on it, we can work out cylinder's acting force and the force of tightening device.
5. Tank
This tank in the hydraulic piling clamp is adopted to store oil, dissipate heat and deposit impurities. It works to keep pressure inside the tank and barometric pressure in balance to ensure hydraulic pump and the whole system can work normally. Spiracle should be maintained clean and clear preventing from clingage. And the tank is supposed to be washed according to condition of sediment in the oil and the filter net should be checked for no block.
» Payment and Package
As long as the contract is signed, thirty percent money will be paid immediately and the rest will be given before delivery.
As for the package, hydraulic piling clamps are suggested to be wrapped with thin film or packaged in wooden boxes according to customers' actual demand.

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