Hydraulic Impact Hammer

Hydraulic impact hammer completes piling task by working together with power pack. It is widely used in the construction of prefabricating casing pile foundation, large-scale Cross-sea concrete pile bridge and ferry terminal. Hydraulic impact hammer is applicable in onshore or offshore pile driving conditions, and also suitable for pile driving under water (above 5m) condition. Yong'an hydraulic impact hammer applies to drive kinds of piles into soil, such as concrete sheet piles, steel pipe piles and concrete piles...
YONGAN power pack is manufactured to optimize the hydraulic pressure for a constant stability of the job performance on high efficiency of operation with YONGAN piling equipment. It is made by our high-tech CNC operated machinery. Open loop hydraulic system ensures easy assembly and maintenance. Equipped with high quality hydraulic pump and top brand engine, maximum efficiency and reliability is ensured. The power unit is using sound proof frame with heavy steel enclosure....
» Description

Hydraulic impact hammer is hammer construction equipment, which is widely used in construction of prefabricating pipe pile foundation, large-scale sea-crossing concrete pile bridge and ferry pier. Hydraulic pile hammer is composed of hammer part and power pack. A whole set includes three parts: mechanical system, hydraulic system and electric system. Hydraulic impact hammer has other names, such as pile driving impact hammer and pile hammer.

» Applications
    1. 1. Hydraulic impact hammer is adapted for soil piling constructions.
    2. 2. This hammer can drive steel sheet piles, steel pipe piles and concrete piles.
    3. 3. Pile driving impact hammer is available both on land and sea, which can drive piles within 5 meters underwater.
» Performance

Hydraulic impact hammer uses hydraulic oil as the main working medium and depends on hydraulic pressure to lift hammer. When the hammer is lifted up, the oil is drained quickly or the oil is directed to the opposite side. Without oil supply, the hammer falls fast. The pressure produced by hammer falling is used to strike pile.

» Features and Advantages
    1. 1. Hydraulic impact hammers have passed ISO9001 quality certification.
    2. 2. Efficient design: With the design of cushion pad, energy produced by hammer impact can be transferred to pile head with lower loss. Pressure accumulator system achieves acceleration and energy compensation from falling of hammer.
    3. 3. Wide applications: Yong'an pile driving impact hammer can drive concrete piles (round, square and hexagonal), steel pipe piles, steel H-pile and sheet piles.
    4. 4. Yong'an hydraulic impact hammer has many application types, such as fixed guide rail type, crane suspension type, offshore guide rail type and U-frame type.
    5. 5. High blow rate and accurate piling control: These functions helps avoid unstable hammer movement. And slight pile driving is operated in soft foundations, protecting hydraulic impact hammer.
    6. 6. Simple design: Simple design makes the machine easy to maintain and repair. Besides, easy operation could also be realized by user-friendly remote control.
    7. 7. Long-term reliability: Yongan hydraulic impact hammers are designed and manufactured for long life service with minimal downtime. Precise workmanship is adopted in electric and hydraulic system including hoses, cables, couplings and other related parts, thus reliable.
    8. 8. Employment of qualified consumable parts: These qualified consumable parts are more durable, which help reduce customers' costs.
» Care and Maintenance
  • Daily Maintenance
    1. 1. Please keep hydraulic impact hammer clean. Oil stain, dust, rust and water stain should be cleared after each task.
    2. 2. Check the fasteners and make sure they are firmly linked. The lubrication point should be lubricated according to requirement.
    3. 3. The oil in tank of pile driving impact hammer should be kept in normal liquid level and in normal temperature.
    4. 4. Please do regular check on oil tank to see if water enters the tank. If so, please replace oil or dehydrate.
    5. 5. If oil leak or oil injection is found, immdiate action need to be taken on time.
    6. 6. Please check each component usually. If any abnormal situation occurs, please repair or change instruments immediately.
  • Scheduled Maintenance
    1. 1. Air filter and oil filter element of hydraulic impact hammer should be cleaned or changed regularly.
    2. 2. Oil tank should be cleaned regularly. Hydraulic oil should be changed regularly. If hydraulic impact hammer has worked 500 hours in running-in period, please exchange hydraulic oil for the first time. You can change for the second time after three months and for third time in ninth month. You can change accordingly after nine month.
    3. 3. Check energy accumulator every two months to see if it has enough pressure and if there is air leakage (high pressure energy accumulator's charging pressure is 130bar).
    4. 4. Check hammer pad, cushion pad and wear-resistant belt of feather key regularly, and please exchange in time if necessary.
» Notice

Make sure that the impact energy of hydraulic impact hammer can meet construction demand. And pile cap can be customized as required.

» Payment and Delivery

30% deposit payment should be paid after signing the contract. Full payment should be paid before delivery. Machine package and delivery can be prepared as your requirement.

Yong'an Machinery, one of the most professional hydraulic impact hammer manufactures in China, was established in 1986. Our company has experienced technical team and we can design and manufacture the most proper hammer according to your requirement. In addition, we would help to solve problems you meet in use pile driving impact hammer.