Tandem Electric Vibratory Hammer

» Description

Yong'an tandem electric vibratory hammer is designed based on resonance theory. It is a pile hammer that obtains power from dynamo and takes electrical machine as core part. Its other names are: automatic hammer, vibratory hammer, piling hammer, pile driver, electric pile driver and electric pile hammer. It is made up of hammer, clamp and control box. It is classified into DZJ480 electric tandem vibratory hammer and DZJ600 electric tandem vibratory hammer. It has been certified by ISO9001 Quality System.

» Application
1. Pre-Made Concrete Pile
With custom designed concrete clamp, tandem electric vibratory hammer can be used for various types of pre-made concrete piles, cast-in-place concrete pile, concrete expanded bore pile, lime pile and stone column pile.
2. Cofferdam
Electric pile hammer is used to drive sheet pile to build the coffer wall. It is high efficiency to drive and pull sheet piles.
3. Trestle Work and Offshore Working Platform
Drive sheet pile or casing pile to build working passage and platform before build bridge, dork, port, etc. It is easy to build and easy to remove.
4. Wind Mill Single Pile and Group Pile
It is efficient to use tandem electric vibratory hammer to drive casing pile into the sea, environmentally friendly and easy to adjust.
» Categories
1. Technical Parameters of DZJ-480 Tandem Electric Vibratory Hammer PDF Download
Motor Power (Kw) 480
Eccentric Moment (Nm) 3608
Frequency (r/min) 0-960
Centrifugal Force (Kn) 0-3644
Max Line Pull (Kn) 1176
Amplitude (mm) 0-33.5
Size (mm) 2700*2700*3500
Without Weight (Kg) 29000
Single Clamp (Kg) 15000
Min Crane Capacity (T) 200

2. Technical Parameters of DZJ-600 Tandem Electric Vibratory Hammer PDF Download
Motor Power (Kw) 600
Eccentric Moment (Nm) 4328
Frequency (r/min) 0-960
Centrifugal Force (Kn) 0-4370
Max Line Pull (Kn) 1352
Amplitude (mm) 0-33.5
Size (mm) 2700*3000*3500
Without Weight (Kg) 30000
Single Clamp (Kg) 15000
Min Crane Capacity (T) 200

» Precautions
1. Operators should renew broken steel wire ropes just in case of dangers.
2. Operators are required to be familiar with tandem electric vibratory hammer.
3. Distribution box and electromotor should be connected to ground.
4. People are strictly prohibited to stand beneath electric pile hammer..
5. It's better not to operate this machine in bad weather lest it is wetted.
6. When the pile is sunken to the stipulated depth, operators are expected to stop the main.
» Care and Maintenance
1. Electromotor
1) Operators should maintain tandem electric vibratory hammer by referring to operation instructions.
2) Workers of each shift should examine bolts on electromotor carefully in case of looseness.
3) Make an immediate replaconcrete of damaged bolts on the belt pulley pressing plate.
4) Electromotor should not work unless its temperature becomes normal.
2. Mainframe of Tandem Electric Vibratory Hammer
1) Operators should not stop refueling until the oil level is parallel with red pot.
2) Regular cleaning should be made to clear away oil dirt, dust and other pollution at the oil box bottom.
3) And bolts and nuts need examining, too.
» Payment and Packaging

30% deposit payment should be paid after signing the contract. Full payment should be paid before delivery. Thin films are used to wrap electric pile hammers and clamps, while wooden boxes for control cabinets and accessories.

Tandem electric vibratory hammers produced by Yong'an Machinery Co., Ltd. are sold widespread in China and are widely used in the infrastructure construction of more than 300 large-scale bridges. Market-oriented, our company all along regards “creating customer value” as its final target, serving and satisfying our customers in its utmost. Motivated by innovation, our company owns mature and leading technical expertise.s