Small Electric Vibratory Hammer

» Description

The small electric vibratory hammer can be divided into different types according to the pile driving force. Small vibrating hammer bears smaller pile driving force. It consists of hammer, clamps and control box (motor needs to be allocated by clients). It adopts resonance theory and takes electromotor as its key component.

» Classification

According to the motor power, small vibrating hammer (small electric vibratory hammer) can be subdivided into different models, such as DZ45, DZ60, DZ90, DZJ90 and small vibratory hammer.

1. Technical Parameters of DZ-45 Small Electric Vibratory Hammer PDF Download
Motor Power (Kw) 45
Eccentric Moment (Nm) 287
Frequency (r/min) 1100
Centrifugal Force (Kn) 380
Max Line Pull (Kn) 180
Amplitude (mm) 6.2
Size (mm) 1650*1200*2300
Without Clamp (Kg) 3800
Single Clamp (Kg) 600
Min Crane Capacity (T) 25

2. Technical Parameters of DZ-60 Small Electric Vibratory Hammer PDF Download
Motor Power (Kw) 60
Eccentric Moment (Nm) 487
Frequency (r/min) 960
Centrifugal Force (Kn) 492
Max Line Pull (Kn) 215
Amplitude (mm) 7.0
Size (mm) 1750*1250*2400
Without Clamp (Kg) 4500
Single Clamp (Kg) 600
Min. Crane Capacity (T) 35

3. Technical Parameters of DZ-90 Small Vibrating Hammer PDF Download
Motor Power (Kw) 90
Eccentric Moment (Nm) 573
Frequency (r/min) 960
Centrifugal Force (Kn) 579
Max Line Pull (Kn) 254
Amplitude (mm) 6.6
Size (mm) 1850*1300*2500
Without Clamp (Kg) 5700
Single Clamp (Kg) 1100
Min. Crane Capacity (T) 50

4. Technical Parameters of DZJ-90 Small Electric Vibratory Hammer PDF Download
Motor Power (Kw) 90
Eccentric Moment (Nm) 0-573
Frequency (r/min) 0-960
Centrifugal Force (Kn) 579
Max Line Pull (Kn) 254
Amplitude (mm) 0-6.6
Size (mm) 1850*1300*2500
Without Clamp (Kg) 5700
Single Clamp (Kg) 1100
Min. Crane Capacity (T) 50

5. Technical Parameters of X-90 Small Electric Vibratory Hammer PDF Download
Eccentric Moment (kgm)
Frequency (r/min)
Centrifugal Force (Kn)
Max Line Pull (Kn)
Amplitude (mm)
Size (mm)
Without Clamp (Kg)
Single Clamp (Kg)
Min. Crane Capacity (T)

» Features
Yongan small electric vibratory hammer features large centrifugal force, high frequency and strong penetrating force to hard soil.
This electric vibratory hammer is heavy. It can effectively improve the piling efficiency. Meanwhile, this small vibrating hammer has better damping effect and the pile frame can be protected.
» Application
1. Pre-Made Concrete Pile
With custom designed concrete clamp, small electric vibratory hammer can be used for various types of pre-made concrete piles, cast-in-place concrete pile, concrete expanded bore pile, lime pile and stone column pile.
2. Cofferdam
Small vibrating hammer is used to drive sheet pile to build the coffer wall. It is high efficiency to drive and pull sheet piles.
3. Trestle Work and Offshore Working Platform
Drive sheet pile or casing pile to build working passage and platform before build bridge, dork, port, etc. It is easy to build and easy to remove.
4. Wind Mill Single Pile and Group Pile
It is efficient to use small electric vibratory hammer to drive casing pile into the sea, environmentally friendly and easy to adjust.
» Notes

Please refer to some main parameters like centrifugal force, amplitude and eccentric moment. Besides, clients should also pay attention to the requirements of small electric vibratory hammer to the matched equipment, such as the power of the motor and the tonnage of the crane.

» Operation & Attention
1. Operation
(1) Open the switch power of small electric vibratory hammer.
(2) Start the general switch of control box.
(3) The main board starts small vibrating hammer.
(4) Press the start button of the electric vibratory hammer and the hammer starts oscillation. (With a time relay, the small electric vibrating hammer can start working without pressing the button).
(5) If small electric vibratory hammer needs to be stopped, just press the stop button and the electric vibratory hammer will stop step by step.
(6) After piling, the switches of control box and power source should be off.
2. Attention
(1) If the lifting wire rope is worn out or broken, it should be replaced timely so as to avoid the falling off of small electric vibratory hammer and accidents.
(2) The operation staff should be trained before employment. They should be familiar with the functions and performances of the small vibrating hammer, especially its operation approach.
(3) The control box and electromotor should be connected to the ground.
(4) It is forbidden to stand under small electric vibratory hammer.
(5) Beside the switch on the control box, the switch on the switchboard closest to the power source should be turned off after working.
(6) The small vibrating hammer is not suitable to open under bad weather conditions. If it is in the open air, such electric vibratory hammer should be covered with plastic cloth so as to avoid the rainwater.
(7) The maximum voltage is 380 (1±5%), or the electromotor will be burnt out.
(8) If abnormal noise appears, stop and check the equipment. (Check the fastened screws, master-slave shaft bearings, motor bearings and synchronizer gear, etc.) Remove all kinds of hazards and start working again.
» Daily Maintenance
1. Electromotor of Small Electric Vibratory Hammer
(1) Refer to the instructions.
(2) The damaged wires from electric connector should be wrapped with insulating tape and then be twined with PVC tape. If the wire is seriously damaged, it should be replaced.
(3) The loose screw should be fastened so as to avoid damaging the electromotor.
(4) The damaged screws on the electromotor belt pulley pressing plate should be replaced and fastened.
(5) The main motor bearing should be refilled with oil.
(6) The small vibrating hammer should stop working if the temperature of the motor is too high.
2. Small Electric Vibratory Hammer Host
(1) The tank should stand straight when it is filled with oil. The refilled oil should not be too much. The oil level indicator decides the oil level. Calcium base grease should be filled between mill spindle and the nylon bushing.
(2) The oil should be renewed after 40 working hours at the first time. From the second time on, the oil should be replaced every 300 hours. Take away the purge cock and eject the used oil. Then open the flank, and remove the oil dirt, dust and powder of the left metals. Next, fasten the purge cock and replace the oil.
(3) Users should detect the screws and nuts regularly. And fasten the loose ones and replace the damaged ones.
» Technical Advantages
1. Shock-Proof Electric Motor
The electromotor of Yongan small electric vibratory hammer is characterized by high acceleration, high bearing temperature (as high as 95℃), short time overload use, high pull-in moment and high tenacity v-belt.
2. Bearings
This small vibrating hammer X-LIFE series bearings of FAG brand from Germany. Such bearing features high loading capacity (18% more) and prolongs the working life of the electric vibratory hammer (at least improving 70%).
3. Product Process
The welding process employs ultrasonic flaw detection and the process conforms to national standards. The bottom of the tank adopts wrap angle treatment. The stiffener is capable of lowering the bearing stress and reducing the damage to the minimum, which prolongs the operating life of small electric vibratory hammer.
4. Playback Design
First, we add rubber sheet to the base of up and down springs. The rubber sheet can debug and absorb some noise. Second, we put sound-proof steel plate under the lower spring and this can reduce the working noise with great efficiency.
5. Special Design for the Bearing Collar
The traditional bearing collar adopts inlaid design. This deign is easy to break down; while Yongan electric vibratory hammer adopts the latest cutting technology which features no cracks, stability and guaranteed service life.
» Services
1. Different small electric vibratory hammers are available according to actual constructions.
2. We will assist clients to draw up the first construction scheme.
3. The small vibrating hammers can be designed and manufactured according to clients' requirements.
4. We provide equipment installation and debugging service. Besides, we offer training daily operation and maintenance personnel.
5. We will send special personnel to clients' site for equipment detection regularly.
6. We offer home delivery service within guarantee period.
7. Professional personnel will arrive at any specified sites within 72 hours.
8. We provide follow-up service for key projects.
9. We offer the opportunity to exchange technology.
10. We carry out major maintenance service for electric vibrating hammers (like small vibratory hammer).
11. We can provide multiple devices for clients so as to meet clients' emergency requirements.
» Payment

30% deposit payment should be paid after signing the contract. Full payment should be paid before delivery.

» Packaging

Small elecric vibratory hammer and clamp can be packaged with thin film, and the control cabinet and components can be packed with wooden box (depending on clients' requirements).

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