Impact Hammer

» Description

Hydraulic impact hammer completes piling task by working together with power pack. It is widely used in the construction of prefabricating casing pile foundation, large-scale Cross-sea concrete pile bridge and ferry terminal. Impact pile driver is applicable in onshore or offshore pile driving conditions, and also suitable for pile driving under water (above 5m) condition. Yong'an hydraulic impact hammer applies to drive kinds of piles into soil, such as concrete sheet piles, steel casing piles and concrete piles.

» Classifications

According to their weight, hydraulic impact hammer can be classified into seven models.

1. Technical Parameters of YC-5 Impact Hammer PDF Download
Model YC-5
Impact Pile Driver Impact Energy (KN.m) 60
Working Stroke (mm) 1200
Impact Frequency (per min/max) (BPM) 40/98
Ram Weight(Kg) 5000
Lifting Method Single Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting
Length (mm) 5500
Width (mm) 900
Height (mm) 900
2. Technical Parameters of YC-8 Impact Hammer PDF Download
Model YC-8
Hydraulic Impact Hammer Impact Energy (KN.m) 120
Working Stroke (mm) 1500
Impact Frequency (per min/max) (BPM) 38/90
Ram Weight(Kg) 8000
Lifting Method Single Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting
Length (mm) 6500
Width (mm) 950
Height (mm) 950
3. Technical Parameters of YC-11 Impact Hammer PDF Download
Model YC-11
Impact Pile Driver Impact Energy (KN.m) 165
Working Stroke (mm) 1500
Impact Frequency (per min/max) (BPM) 38/90
Ram Weight(Kg) 11000
Lifting Method Single Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting
Length (mm) 6650
Width (mm) 976
Height (mm) 976
4. Technical Parameters of YC-15 Impact Hammer PDF Download
Model YC-15
Hydraulic Impact Hammer Impact Energy (KN.m) 225
Working Stroke (mm) 1500
Impact Frequency (per min/max) (BPM) 35/90
Ram Weight(Kg) 15000
Lifting Method Double Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting
Length (mm) 7050
Width (mm) 1052
Height (mm) 1052
5. Technical Parameters of YC-17 Impact Hammer PDF Download
Model YC-17
Impact Pile Driver Impact Energy (KN.m) 225
Working Stroke (mm) 1500
Impact Frequency (per min/max) (BPM) 35/90
Ram Weight(Kg) 15000
Lifting Method Double Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting
Length (mm) 7160
Width (mm) 1106
Height (mm) 1106
6. Technical Parameters of YC-21 Impact Hammer PDF Download
Model YC-21
Hydraulic Impact Hammer Impact Energy (KN.m) 315
Working Stroke (mm) 1500
Impact Frequency (per min/max) (BPM) 30/90
Ram Weight(Kg) 21000
Lifting Method Double Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting
Length (mm) 7188
Width (mm) 1260
Height (mm) 1260
7. Technical Parameters of YC-25 Impact Hammer PDF Download
Model YC-25
Impact Pile Driver Impact Energy (KN.m) 375
Working Stroke (mm) 1500
Impact Frequency (per min/max) (BPM) 28/85
Ram Weight(Kg) 25000
Lifting Method Double Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting
Length (mm) 7638
Width (mm) 1300
Height (mm) 1300
8. Technical Parameters of YC-35 Impact Hammer PDF Download
Model YC-35
Hydraulic Impact Hammer Impact Energy (KN.m) 525
Working Stroke (mm) 1500
Impact Frequency (per min/max) 25/70
Ram Weight(Kg) 35000
Lifting Method Double Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting
Length (mm) 8500
Width (mm) 1460
Height (mm) 1900
» Designs and Performance Features
  • 1. High reliability
    1. 1) Impact hammer has three parts, including hammer ram, bottom of ram and piston rod. These three parts are forged in one-piece. This design method avoids the risk of components separation.
    2. 2) Impact Pile driver is made up of alloy steel, which can ensure the machine's durability. This feature also allows that the hammer can strike steel pile at full capacity continuously.
    3. 3) The damper adopts firm design and material, which makes the hammer part bear the counterforce from pile.
    4. 4) Hammer ram is guided by lubricated bearing at upward side and downward side. This design method lessens abrasion of ram greatly.
    5. 5) Limited components reduce the risk of breakdown and preparation of spare parts.
  • 2. Strong power
    1. 1) Closed hammer shell makes the hammer can work under water as efficient as above water.
    2. 2) Hydraulic impact hammer is equipped with rock driller, noise-reduction equipment, sheet pile and sleeve of various specifications.
    3. 3) The design of sleeve makes the hammer can apply to piles of various diameters.
    4. 4) Except pile driving frame, the hammer can also be suspended freely when it works.
  • 3. Accelerating Energy
    1. Impact hammer can not only drive piles vertically, it can also work in any tilting angles and with full power. With accelerating energy and high peak force, it is able to overcome soil resistance easily.
  • 4. Efficient
    1. 1) Hydraulic impact hammer is controlled by hydraulic power. Since all Yong'an hydraulic functions are monitored by electronic equipment, the striking power can be set precisely before piling.
    2. 2) Modular-structure design makes it easy to inspect and repair the diesel hammer.
    3. 3) Though the hydraulic oil flow is low, impact pile driver can work at high striking rate by getting acceleration power from ram.
    4. 4) It can conduct real-time monitoring. Hydraulic impact impact hammer can store and print the piling information at site, which makes it possible for users to make full analysis about the piling task afterwards.
  • 5. Safe and Environmental
    1. 1) Pile driver adopts some design measures to ensure safety. Signals from hydraulic impact hammer sensor are centrally processed in control box. The hammer will stop working if hammer ram's stroke length is too short or too long. If the hammer or pile is not at the exact position, the hammer will not work.
    2. 2) Hydraulic impact hammer is environmentally designed. Besides using biodegradable oil, it is equipped with noise-reduction device.
» Matters need to be cared
    1. 1. Our products have passed ISO9001 quality certification.
    2. 2. Efficient design of hammer body maximizes its working efficiency. With the design of cushion pad, energy produced by hammer impact can be transferred to pile head with little loss. Pressure accumulator system achieves acceleration and energy compensation during falling of hydraulic impact hammer.
    3. 3. High blow rate is effective for fast pile driving. Remote control system can be used to achieve accurate piling. These two functions are very important for avoiding sudden unstable hammer movement. In case of soft piling foundation, slight pile driving is operated to protect hydraulic impact hammer.
    4. 4. Hydraulic impact hammer is easy to operate. We simplified the design to make the diesel hammer easy to maintain and repair. Remote control system is also adopted to make pile hammer easier to operate.
    5. 5. Yong'an pile driver is designed and manufactured for long-life service with minimal downtime. Precise workmanship is applied to electric and hydraulic system including hoses, cables, couplings and other related parts.
    6. 6. We choose qualified consumables for our machines. All Yong'an hydraulic impact hammers use qualified consumable parts to assure long service time. Thus we can help our customers to save their costs.
    7. 7. Yong'an Machinery has 27 years' experience in hydraulic impact hammer manufacturing. Our company has experienced technical team and we can design and manufacture the most proper hammer according to your requirement. In addition, we would help to solve problems you meet in use.
» Operation Instructions
  • 1. Operators usually need to do four things before piling.
    1) Basic check about main components should be done before starting the machine.
    2) Electric control circuit and electromagnetic valve should be tested in advance.
    3) Start diesel engine and check its idling speed and high speed in operation.
    4) Choose right operation mode for oil pump and piling mode for hammer.
    5) Try to choose a proper piling model.
  • 2. Please stop hydraulic impact hammer and debug if following situations happen.
    1) You should always pay attention to pressure gauge. If abnormal conditions occur to instrument box of diesel engine or oil pump, please stop operation and debug.
    2) If hydraulic impact hammer has oil leak or oil injection, please stop working and check.
    3) The temperature of hydraulic oil is around 70ºC. If oil temperature is too high, please stop the machine.
    4) When temperature of working environment is below 10ºC, please make the system running more than ten minutes without load. You can make the machine work until the oil temperature reaches 30º 5) If air leak is found, please stop the pile driver and check whether piston seal on high pressure energy accumulator is broken.

  • 3. The energy accumulator can only be charged by nitrogen. Please do not charge it with oxygen or any other inflammable gas in order to avoid explosion.
  • 4. Don't surpass hydraulic impact hammer's maximum stroke length or minimum stroke length.
  • 5. The oil must be kept clean. Please don't reuse polluted oil.
  • 6. You must fill oil to hammer shell and drain the air in it for the first usage.
  • 7. At the beginning of operation, please start piling with small stroke length. The stroke length can be enlarged only when pile enters hard soil. Otherwise, it would damage the hammer, especially the hammer pad.
  • 8. The new pad is fragile, so for the first usage, you must hit for 15 to 30 minutes in small stroke length (about 200mm) before you lift the hammer higher. As for afterwards usage, you only need to pile in small stroke length for 3 to 5 minutes. You can pile in bigger stroke length when the pad turns heat and soft.
  • 9. Before checking hydraulic pressure, you must make sure the pressure of pile hammer has been released. When diesel engine stops, please switch off the battery pack in case the battery pack discharge.
  • 10. Don't start diesel engine when speed selection knob is switched to a high speed. You should stop start the diesel engine if it can't be started in 30 seconds. You can't restart it three minutes later.
  • 11. The storage battery should not be less than 200Ah.
» Care and Maintenance
  • Daily Maintenance
    1. Please keep hydraulic impact hammer clean. Oil stain, dust, rust and water stain should be cleared after each task. The heart of air filter and oil filter should be cleaned or changed regularly.
    2. Check all fasteners on hydraulic impact hammer and make sure they are firmly linked. The lubrication point should be lubricated according to requirement.
    3. The oil in tank should be kept in normal liquid level and in normal temperature.
    4. Please do regular check on oil tank to see if water enters the tank. If water enters the oil tank, please remove water or change the hydraulic oil. If you find oil leak, please deal in time.
    5. Please check each instrument of hydraulic impact hammer usually. If any abnormal situation occurs, please repair or change immediately.
  • Scheduled Maintenance
    1. Oil tank should be cleaned regularly. And hydraulic oil should be changed regularly. If hydraulic impact hammer has worked 500 hours in running-in period, please exchange hydraulic oil for the first time. And the second oil replaconcrete should be in three months, and the third in nine months. Later, it will be replaced in line with actual situation.
    2. You should check energy accumulator every two months to see if it has enough pressure and if there is air leakage (high charging pressure is 130bar).
    3. Check hydraulic impact hammer's pad, cushion pad and wear-resistant belt of feather key regularly, please exchange in time if there is any damage.
» Notice

Make sure hydraulic impact hammer of specific type can meet construction requirements. And pile cap can be customized as demanded.

» Payment and Delivery

30% deposit payment should be paid after signing the contract. Full payment should be paid before delivery. Package and delivery of diesel hammer can be arranged as you require.

Yong'an Machinery, one of the most professional hydraulic impact hammer manufactures in China, was established in 1986. Our products take up to 70% of the whole China market. Our pile driver is applied in more than 300 large bridges, such as Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Yellow River Bridge and Jintang Cross-sea Bridge. Yong'an series impact hammers are widely used not only in China but also in oversea market such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ecuador, Russia, Libya, Vietnam Ghana and Philippines.