» Introduction

Clamps are corollary equipment used with vibratory hammer in the foundation construction. They can be applied to drive and extract pipe pile, steel sheet pile and H beam, together with precast pile construction. Pile clamp can be divided by the number of vibratory hammer into three types-standard single clamp, double clamp and caisson clamp. Pre-casted pile clamp can be custom made according to customer's requirement.

» Features of Standard Clamp
    1. 1. The clamp contains two gripping jaws, one is fixed and one is movable.
    2. 2. The integrated cylinder operates the movable jaw.
    3. 3. Clamping force depends on the clamp pump relief pressure.
    4. 4. Check valve keeps the clamp cylinder under pressure in case of hose damage.
    5. 5. The clamp can be operated open and close by the control panel on the power pack or remote control of the vibratory hammer.
» Features of Caisson Clamp
    1. 1. The caisson clamp can simply adjust the clamp range by moving the clamp on the caisson beam.
    2. 2. The double clamp has hydraulic locking device and system which is ensuring the double clamp assembled on caisson beam perfectly.
    3. 3. The caisson clamp can adjust to different sizes to suit for difference pipe size with a selection of beam size.
» Operation
    1. 1. Switch on the power and then press “Loose” button to maximize the distance of gripping jaws.
    2. 2. After putting the pile, operators should ensure it is in the right place and then press “Tight” to clamp.
    3. 3. After that, press button to start vibro-hammer to work. During the process, cylinder can be timely supplied with pressure by manual operation according to physical needs.
    4. 4. Clamp jaws can only be loosened unless the work is done.
» Precautions
    1. 1. Vibratory hammer clamps should be selected and used appropriately.
    2. 2. Hydraulic oil shall be changed every 2,000 hours, but should be promptly changed if any deterioration or dirt found.
    3. 3. Keep hydraulic oil clean and oil filling pot covered to prevent dirt, soil and water. Oil tube should be evacuated before linking to clamp.
    4. 4. Clamps should not be loosened in case of danger.
    5. 5. Cables and oil piles should be strongly protected and avoided not crashing with other components.
    6. 6. As cylinder pressure has been debugged, operators should not change. If necessary, personnel familiar with the principle and equipment will do that. (Different vibratory hammers need different clamps.)
» Daily Care and Maintenance
  • 1. Hydraulic Oil
    1. Hydraulic oil should be clean without any impurity. Oil with fatlute, water and mechanical admixture should not be used. In addition, clean the system punctually, and new oil should be filtered and purified before filling.
  • 2. Hydraulic Pump
    1. Hydraulic pump is the power element of clamp system. If malfunction happens or needs cleaning, the pump should not be dismantled in dirty place.
    2. Be careful in order not to damage the components when dismantling. Knock and hit is forbidden. Rubber-sealed parts should not be cleaned by gas.
    3. And gas washed parts should be cleaned by diesel before assembling and engine oil should be smeared on each joint and friction surface.
  • 3. Heavy-Duty Hose
    1. Vibratory hammer clamps link hydraulic cabinet and cylinder through two 30-meter long heavy-duty hoses.
  • 4. Manometer
    1. Pressure gage is used to monitor present pressure and can calculate the acting force of cylinder and even intensified device force according to the pressure reflected on the gage.
  • 5. Oil Tank
    1. Oil tank is designed to store oil, dissipate heat and deposit impurities. The vent hole is installed on the filler cap.
    2. Its functions are: when oil level and temperature change, this venthole can balance the inside pressure with the outside barometric pressure to ensure the pump blotters and hydraulic system operates normally.
    3. When in use, the venthole should be kept clean and clear to prevent being stuck by clingage. Clean the tank according to the deposits of the oil and check if the filter is clogged.
» Payment and Package

30% deposit payment should be paid after signing the contract. Full payment should be paid before delivery. The vibratory hammer clamps will be wrapped by thin films or wooden box wrap in line with customers' demands.

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