Vibratory Hammer

» Description

Vibratory hammer, or pile driver,is an essential part and the main body of hydraulic vibratory hammer for foundation construction. It works in combination with power pack and clamps to finish piling. When used in pile frame, hydraulic vibratory hammer can drive cast-in-place concrete pile, lime pile and sand pile. And if equipped with hydraulic holder (hydraulic clamps), sheet pile hammer will be able to drive and extract steel casing pile, steel sheet pile, joist steel pile and concrete precast pile. It is the ideal pile driver for residence, factories, subways, highway, docks, airports and power plants. Meanwhile, hydraulic vibratory hammer can also be working underwater.

» Categories
1. YZ-70 Vibratory Hammer PDF Download

As showed in the table, YZ-70 sheet pile driver hammer has an eccentric moment of 23 kgm and a maximum line pull capacity of 400 kn. Besides, its rated centrifugal force is 650 kn, while the maximum centrifugal force can reach 845 kn. This model can be used with single or double clamp in driving steel casing piles, steel sheet piles and joist steel piles.

Technical Parameters of YZ-70 Vibratory Hammer
Eccentric Moment (kgm) 23
Maximum Frequency (rpm) 1700
Centriifugal Force (kN) 650
Maximum Centrifugal Force (kN) 845
Maximum Line Pull (kN) 400
Maximum Amplitude (mm) 22
Maximum Oil Flow (L/min) 360
Size (mm) 2600*665*2000
Weight (Kg) 4400

2. YZ-130 Vibratory Hammer PDF Download

YZ-130 Hydraulic sheet pile hammer, as the table shows, owns a maximum line pull capacity of 800/1200 kn. And its eccentric moment can be up to 46 kgm. 1300 kn is the rated centrifugal force and 1690kn is the maximum one. Like YZ-70, this driver works well to pull various kinds of steel piles.

Technical Parameters of YZ-130 Vibratory Hammer
Eccentric Moment (kgm) 46
Maximum Frequency (rpm) 1600
Centriifugal Force (kN) 1300
Maximum Centrifugal Force (kN) 1690
Maximum Line Pull (kN) 800/1200
Maximum Amplitude (mm) 28
Maximum Oil Flow (L/min) 600
Size (mm) 2550*900*2650
Weight (Kg) 7800

3. YZ-180 Vibratory Hammer PDF Download

The eccentric moment of YZ-180 pile driver is 55 kgm. Its rated centrifugal force turns to be 1800 kn (maximum: 2340 kn). In addition, the machine has a maximum line pull capacity of 800/1200 kn. Thus, this type works effectively in driving and pulling steel casing piles, steel sheet piles and joist steel piles. And, vibratory hammer is always used with single clamp and double clamp.

Technical Parameters of YZ-180 Vibratory Hammer
Eccentric Moment (kgm) 55
Maximum Frequency (rpm) 1700
Centriifugal Force (kN) 1800
Maximum Centrifugal Force (kN) 2340
Maximum Line Pull (kN) 800/1200
Maximum Amplitude (mm) 32
Maximum Oil Flow (L/min) 600
Size (mm) 2830*585*2170
Weight (Kg) 7200

4. YZ-230 Vibratory Hammer PDF Download

As showed in the following table, YZ-230 sheet pile hammer eccentric moment is 85 kgm. 2300 kn is the rated centrifugal force (maximum: 2900 kn). And the machine's maximum line pull is 120 0kn. Such model of vibratory hammer is suitable for operations on hard soil and for many types of steel piles.

Technical Parameters of YZ-230 Vibratory Hammer
Eccentric Moment (kgm) 85
Max Frequency (rpm) 1600
Centrifugal Force (kN) 2300
Max Centrifugal Force (kN) 2990
Max Line Pull (kN) 1200
Max Amplitude (mm) 31
Max Oil Flow (L/min) 900
Size (mm) 2430*1100*3680
Weight (Kg) 9800

5. YZ-300 Vibratory Hammer PDF Download

Like YZ-300 sheet pile hammer is also agreeable for constructions on hard rock. The eccentric movement is 130 kgm and the maximum line pull is 2000 kn. As the rated centrifugal force is 3000 kn (maximum: 3700 kn), this type of hammer is very effective in driving steel piles, like steel casing piles, steel sheet piles, and so on.

Technical Parameters of YZ-300 Vibratory Hammer
Eccentric Moment (kgm) 130
Max Frequency (rpm) 1600
Centrifugal Force (kN) 3000
Max Centrifugal Force (kN) 3700
Max Line Pull (kN) 2000
Max Amplitude (mm) 37
Max Oil Flow (L/min) 1200
Size (mm) 3500*1100*4700
Weight (Kg) 13540
» Advantages

With 27-year experience in vibratory hammer manufacture, Yong'an has a skilled technical team who can design and manufacture the most appropriate hydraulic vibratory hammer according to customers' requirements. And they can help customers to shoot out the different problems during the using. All this contributes to its popularity and good reputation.

» Matters Need to Be Cared

Suitable vibratory hammer should be selected according to the centrifugal force. As for clamp, double clamp is available. Or the company can customize for clients in line with actual need.

» Operation and Precautions
  • Operation
    1. 1) The hydraulic vibratory hammer should be checked before starting.
    2. 2) To electrify control circuit and test solenoid valve.
    3. 3) Start diesel engine and make it operate at high speed.
    4. 4) An appropriate working mechanism of oil pump needs be selected.
    5. 5) Try to choose a proper piling model.
  • Precautions
    1. 1) Frequent checks on pressure gage, diesel engine meter box and oil pump should be made when in operation. And if any abnormality is found, the service should be stopped promptly to find reasons and debug.
    2. 2) Vibratory hammer shall be halted and checked when the system is leaking or blowing oil.
    3. 3) The temperature of hydraulic oil should be less than 70 degrees. If it is too hot, close the machine and restart when the oil cools down. The system should be running without load for over 10 minutes when the environment temperature is less than 10 degrees and operate after the oil temperature is above 30 degrees.
    4. 4) When leakage of air happens during operation, operators should put a halt on the hammer to check whether the piston sealing element of the high pressure energy accumulator is damaged or not. Make a prompt replaconcrete if damages are found.
    5. 5) Energy accumulator can accept nothing but nitrogen. Oxygen or other fire gases should be prohibited in case of explosion.
    6. 6) Any operation of vibratory hammer should be within the maximum stroke and minimum stroke.
    7. 7) Oil needs to be kept clean and polluted oil is forbidden to use again.
    8. 8) New oil pump should be aired and fill oil in shell before use.
    9. 9) At beginning, operators can use small stroke to pile and after the pile penetrates the hard pan, enlarge the stroke. Otherwise, the vibratory hammer, especially the pallet will be damaged.
    10. 10) Operators should ensure that the system has released pressure before checking hydraulic system.
    11. 11) Remember to switch off battery pack when diesel engine stops working in case of discharging outwards.
    12. 12) Do not start diesel engine when it is at the highest speed. And if it can't work within 30 seconds, stop starting and restart 3 minuters later.
    13. 13) The capacity of storage battery should be no less than 200 Ah.
» Daily Care and Maintenance
    1. Hydraulic vibrator hammer should be cleaned frequently. Operators of each shift should clean vibratory hammer and power pack carefully.
    2. Regular inspection on fasteners should be made. And every lubricating point needs lubricating according to lubrication requirements.
    3. Frequent examination on water should be made to avoid rust.
» Certification

Our vibratory hammer has acquired CE and ISO9001 certification.

» Payment and Packaging
    1. 30% deposit payment should be paid after signing the contract. Full payment should be paid before delivery.
    2. Bare sheet pile hammer is advised to be wrapped by thin film and packed in wooden boxes as required.
» More Information about this Product

Yong'an Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that integrates the design and development, manufacturing, selling and leasing of vibratory hammer series products. Our company ceaselessly devotes itself to technological innovation as well as research and development of our products. With strong technical strength, we constantly renew vibratory hammer to meet new requirements. Our products,like pile driver, are certificated by CE and ISO9001 quality management system.