Excavator Mounted Vibratory Hammer

» Introduction

Yong'an excavator mounted vibratory hammer, installed on the excavator's original oil system, can drive piles with its power source. When used with excavator, vibratory pile driver can be very flexible and fast and can do many tasks at the same time. Besides, the frequency of vibratory pile driver is 2400 rpm with centrifugal force of 33 to 60t for option. This helps penetrate through soil instantly. And if assisted by excavator upper arm force, this hammer can succeed in driving all kinds of sheet piles and square piles.

» Components

Excavator mounted vibratory hammer consists of hammer, fly jib and clamp.

» Applications

1. Excavator mounted vibratory hammer is small and simple, thus particularly suitable for short and middle pil projects, such as municipal administration building, bridge, cofferdam and construction foundation.
    2. Vibratory pile driver can be applied in drainage maintenance, river-bank consolidation and marshland works.
    3. It is suitable for steel sheet piles, concretes piles and casing piles as well.

» Categories

Our excavator mounted vibratory hammers can be divided into seven models: V-250D, V-300C, V-330C, V-350C, V-400C, V-450C and V-500A.

1. Technical Parameters of V-250D Excavator Mounted Vibratory Hammer PDF Download
Hydraulic System Operation Pressure (Bar) 280
Eccentric Moment (kg.m) 5
Frequency (rpm) 2400
Centrifugal Force (t) 33
Hydraulic System Oil Flow (lpm) 132
Size (W/O Fly Jib) (mm) 1245*880*2235
Weight (Kg) 1550
Fly Jib Model/Weight (Kg) A200: 550Kg
Clamp Model/Weight (Kg) C15: 455
Excavator Weight (t) 20-25

2. Technical Parameters of V-300C Vibratory Pile Driver PDF Download
Hydraulic System Operation Pressure (Bar) 300
Eccentric Moment (kg.m) 6
Frequency (rpm) 2400
Centrifugal Force (t) 38
Hydraulic System Oil Flow (lpm) 181
Size (W/O Fly Jib) (mm) 1245*880*2235
Weight (Kg) 1650
Fly Jib Model/Weight (Kg) A200:550Kg A250:600Kg
Clamp Model/Weight (Kg) C15: 455
Excavator Weight (t) 25-30

3. Technical Parameters of V-330C Excavator Mounted Vibratory Hammer PDF Download
Hydraulic System Operation Pressure (Bar) 300
Eccentric Moment (kg.m) 6.5
Frequency (rpm) 2400
Centrifugal Force (t) 45
Hydraulic System Oil Flow (lpm) 209
Size (W/O Fly Jib) (mm) 1245*880*2235
Weight (Kg) 1650
Fly Jib Model/Weight (Kg) A200:550Kg A250:600Kg
Clamp Model/Weight (Kg) C15:455kg
Excavator Weight (t) 30-35

4. Technical Parameters of V-350C Excavator Mounted Vibratory Hammer PDF Download
Hydraulic System Operation Pressure (Bar) 300
Eccentric Moment (kg.m) 7
Frequency (rpm) 2400
Centrifugal Force (t) 42
Hydraulic System Oil Flow (lpm) 209
Size (W/O Fly Jib) (mm) 1255*980*2320
Weight (Kg) 1800
Fly Jib Model/Weight (Kg) A150:450Kg A200:550Kg A250:600Kg A300:750Kg A350:900Kg
Clamp Model/Weight (Kg) C15:455kg
Excavator Weight (t) 30-40

5. Technical Parameters of V-400C Excavator Mounted Vibratory Hammer PDF Download
Hydraulic System Operation Pressure (Bar) 300
Eccentric Moment (kg.m) 8
Frequency (rpm) 2400
Centrifugal Force (t) 50
Hydraulic System Oil Flow (lpm) 258
Size(W/O Fly Jib) (mm) 1460*980*2340
Weight (Kg) 2000
Fly Jib Model/Weight (Kg) A250: 600kgs
Clamp Model/Weight (Kg) C18: 600kgs
Excavator Weight (t) 40-45

6. Technical Parameters of V-450C Excavator Mounted Vibratory Hammer PDF Download
Hydraulic System Operation Pressure (Bar) 300
Eccentric Moment (kg.m) 8.5
Frequency (rpm) 2400
Centrifugal Force (t) 55
Hydraulic System Oil Flow (lpm) 258
Size(W/O Fly Jib) (mm) 1460*980*2340
Weight (Kg) 2050
Fly Jib Model/Weight (Kg)  
Clamp Model/Weight (Kg) 600
Excavator Weight (t) 45-50

7. Technical Parameters of V-500A Excavator Mounted Vibratory Hammer PDF Download
Hydraulic System Operation Pressure (Bar) 300
Eccentric Moment (kg.m) 13
Frequency (rpm) 2400
Centrifugal Force (t) Above 60
Hydraulic System Oil Flow (lpm) 386
Size(W/O Fly Jib) (mm) 1460*980*2340
Weight (Kg) 2100
Fly Jib Model/Weight (Kg)  
Clamp Model/Weight (Kg) 600
Excavator Weight (t) Above 60
» Advantages

1. Experience
With 27-year customer service experience, Yong'an machinery can help customers accurately select the appropriate pile driver and in the after-sales guidance help out their hard-to-solve problems during construction.

2. Quality
To ensure quality, Yong'an equips its excavator mounted vibratory hammer with key components of imported brands, such as hydraulic engine from Italian SAM, German FAG bearings, flow engine of SUN, YUKEN magnetic valve, and hand control of sure grip control.
1) The excavator mounted vibratory hammer adopts imported high-performance mechanical damping rubber pieces. This rubber can effectively buffer vibration through own flex buffer vibration, which will cut at least 90% vibration for the operators and the excavator.
2) Vibratory pile driver adopts SAM hydraulic motor, which strengthens effectiveness and quality.
3) It is equipped with wear-resisting oil pressure cylinder.
4) Strong and tight clamps are the uttermost guarantee for safe work. We hereby add dual pressure protection device to firmly lock system pressure so as to ensure stability and reliability of the clamping sheet pile.
5) Excavator mounted vibratory hammer has a precise oil system designed on the basis of the functions and characteristics of vibratory hammer. The system effectively improves the work efficiency of the hammer.
6) The hammer also is armed with a well-designed circuit control box. It employs reliable aerospace splice, which firmly ensures stability of the circuit. And the combined circuit system enjoys merits of simple installation and easy maintenance.
7) Hand control of Canadian SURE GRIP CONTROL is applied. This hand control is reliable and practical. V series excavator mounted vibratory hammer is simple in both operation and maintenance and can be conducted by remote control, because of simple structure design.

3 .Technological Superiorities
1) Excavator mounted vibratory hammer adopts hydraulic motor-driving wheels.
2) The company employs latest built-in gear design to effectively prevent crash and pollution. And the gears are replaceable, durable, smooth and reliable.
3) Vibratory pile driver applies venthole to balance pressure in the gear box and stabilizer heat dissipation.
4) Dismountable lazy arm works in close coordination with flip axis. They are trouble-free and easy to maintain.
5) With the installation of rotatable bracket, the excavator mounted vibratory hammer can rotate freely at work. And hammerhead can be adjusted to the position parallel to the ground to clip pile.
6) Excavator mounted vibratory hammer can drive vibro-pile, clamp and rotate around. Every action is independent and flexible.
7) Two-segment confluence vibration power output works in ingenious cooperation with construction conditions. The second section of the output is strong vibration which makes hard strata easy and simple to cope with.
8) The double oil pressure device is well-designed to ensure clip pile strength.
9) The vibratory pile driver can also calculate apparatus performance, thus it is reliable.
10) Components of the hammer have a long service life.
11) The excavator mounted vibratory hammer is suitable for excavators of various brands and will meet different work conditions with only a replacement of different chucks.
12) Vibratory pile driver is adaptable to all kinds of operating environments.
13) With this excavator, a project will achieve low cost.
14) Excavator mounted vibratory hammer is environmentally friendly, thus suitable for city operation.

» Operation Introductions
1. Arrangement: Sheet piles should be placed for easy access. Workers should take out two sheet piles per time—one for piling and the other for later use.
2. Pile-clipping (Be sure to use wire rope): Staff is suggested to tighten the sheet pile and sway to get rid of dirt before using it.
3. Staff should lift the pile correctly and slowly to avoid shacks, and then move it to the piling place. While rotating, workers should look around to make sure no obstacles or people.
4. Alignment adjustment: Operators may slightly loosen the sheet pile and cooperate with workers on the ground to make sure that the pile is positioned rightly and vertically.
5. Vibration: Once confirmed that the pile is clamped, operators should start piling button and should not move excavator mounted vibratory hammer laterally during piling.
6. If earth-rock becomes loose, operators can operator hammer to press downward to make it solid.
7. The second section of vibration should be used to reinforce vibration power if inefficiency of vibratory pile driver or insufficient strength of excavator is found. Clamp should not be loosened until the pile is in positioning place.
8. Position Adjustment: When piles are blocked or can not be driven to the bottom, please pull up two adjacent sheet piles and strike them again. Or workers may make a slight adjustment of excavator position.
» Care and Maintenance

Hammer Arm
1. Check for different sizes and patterns of hydraulic excavator mounted vibratory hammer carefully before installing the assistant fly jib according to the procedures of bucket installation.
2. Please clear away soil and dirt of the splice and connector of the hydraulic tube link before the operators manage to fix them.
3. Check for no looseness of hydraulic pile, link and rotating joints, and ensure no leak of oil.
4. Fly jib should be used on the condition that it is installed with dowel bolts for protection of dropping.
5. Please fill lubricating oil in every peg.

Host Engine
1. Motor, vibration attenuation rubber, hydraulic pile and bolts need checking for no looseness and oil leak.
2. Please check up on no looseness in hanging bracket, dowels, and nuts, and ensure a timely filling and supplement for the lubricating oil and grease on the suspending dowels.
3. Check regularly for the oil of the gear box in case of missing the amount of vibration and overheating brought by overloaded motors because of too much oil or viscosity and resistance of oil deterioration. Thus, the operators should check the oil on the condition that the excavator mounted vibratory hammer is vertical.
4. Check to ensure no oil leak of pressure-bearing, side cover of the gear box and air breather.
5. Please change promptly if looseness or missing of bolts on the excavator mounted vibratory pile driver is found.
6. Staff or operators should make sure whether there is any damage or clap of vibration attenuation rubber.

1. Check up on any looseness or drop of the bolts installed on the clips, and ensure no oil leak of hydraulic cylinder.
2. Clamp clips should be checked for any damage or wear.
3. Make sure that there is no deflection or deformation of hydraulic cylinder link melt and center shaft.
4. Clean frequently away soil and scree on the connection part of the clips.
5. Once the hydraulic pile and cylinder are replaced, operators should make a prompt operation of hydraulic cylinder and operate clamp for five or six times to dissipate air. Check that there is no abnormality in every joint.

» Control Handle and Circuit Box
1. Make sure that power supply is connected to excavator storage battery.
2. Check to ensure no looseness and breakdown of electric wire and no fusing on fuse wire.
3. Electric circuits can only be dismounted by authorized technique staff; otherwise, no warranty.
4. Please examine whether the circuit linked from vibratory hammer has collision and damage or not.
» Hydraulic Pipeline and Control Valve of Oil-line

1. Check carefully to see whether oil pipe has deformation or oil leakage or not. It should be cleaned from mud, dust and oil after a period of time.
2. Ensure that there is no oil leakage or fissure on every connection. And all connections should be tightened.
3. Hydraulic pipe of excavator mounted vibratory hammer should be replaced by a new pipe of the same length.

4.All buttons of control valve have been adjusted at factory and debugged by installation personnel.

» Note
1. Do not keep excavator mounted vibratory hammer running for long time to lengthen service life of every part.
2. The average time of driving a pile is 10 minutes.
3. Overloading operation is forbidden when vibratory pile driver can afford the workload or cannot vibrate smoothly.
» Payment and Package

30% deposit payment should be paid after signing the contract. Full payment should be paid before delivery. Excavator mounted vibro pile driver will be wrapped with thin film and packed in wooden box as required.

Yong'an Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional company that integrates the design and development, manufacturing, selling and leasing of vibratory hammer series products. Our company ceaselessly devotes itself to technological innovation as well as research and development of excavator mounted vibratory hammer. With a global selling view, we focus our attention on brand operation and do our utmost to provide our customers with safe, reliable, professional and efficient piling equipment.