Why Choose Us

Yongan, as a 27 years old piling equipment manufacturer, vibro technology is our core business. Designing strong and smart vibro hammer to suit for different piling project is our goal. We have strong research and development team, we are in close contacts with our customer, learning and improving by the feedbacks from their job sites. We fully master the technology and the skills to supply top quality products.

» Advantages of Yongan Machinery

1. Production in our 2 workshop base, using the most advanced high-tech CNC machinery;

2. Experienced staff working at least 5 years in piling equipment manufacture industry;

3. Strong research and development team;

4. Top quality production raw materials from the best suppliers of home and abroad;

5. Key components such as engine, motor, pump, valve, bearing,etc using the most famous name of the world;

6. 24*7 local timely service and consideration service policy in oversea market.

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